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Nosegear Problems and Airbus

Some analysts are beginning to worry about the Airbus A320. After the dramatic emergency landing at LAX yesterday, involving a jetBlue A320 that had its nose gear twisted to the side, there is no doubt the FAA and NTSB will be looking into what went wrong.

Aviation expert and 737 pilot John Nance brought the issue up in the morning's Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

"The FAA and others are going to have to take a hard look at this," Nance said. "I'm worried. Three times is too many."

Airbus, maker of the A320, could not be immediately reached last night for comment about Nance's claim.

Nance said a similar incident happened in 1999 on an America West plane and then again last year on a United jet.

This may eventually lead to an Airworthiness Directive from the FAA, in which all A320 operators would be forced to fix the problem if and when it is found.


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